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How to promote webfiction (2020)

A good question, is it not?

When I began publishing my short stories on Tapas, I also began looking for opportunities for promotion and was unpleasantly surprised when I learned how few there were! My list of resources for promoting webcomics is long and full of options but a similar list for webnovels will be very short, I'm afraid.

So, let's take a look as what we have at our disposal.

1. Random webfiction

(a roulette where you can add links to your webnovels, short stories poems, etc.)

2. Tuesday serial

(a website that accepts submissions on Tuesdays. You can announce your updates - new chapters, new short stories - there).

3. Teksti

(a sister site to Piperka that tracks webcomics) - a database of webfiction where people can subscribe and follow your stories.

4. TVtropes and Allthetropes

- wiki-style sites where you can create a page for your webfiction, put your links, description, cover pic there and list the tropes used in your story.

5. Muse's success

(list of webnovels and recommendations)

6. Recommend me a book

(randomizer that shows only the first chapter of the book; does not not allow links)

7. Reddit

There are lots of writing communities there but few of them allow self-promotion.

Here's some that do:
r/writing (only in as a comment in a self-promotion thread)

8. Twitter

Besides posting links to your updates and just being social:

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Accounts to follow:

9. ComicAd

(banner network for webcomics and webnovels)

You can both earn money and advertise there, plus, there are free options, like banner exchange
More about ComicAd.

10. Forums

Well, it's usually sub-for-sub or read-for-read, but you can give them a go. Almost every writing platform (RoyalRoad, Tapas, etc.) has a forum. --

Hope it helps!

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Random webcomic roulette - find something new to read or promote your own webcomic here