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How to promote your webcomics (2020)

With so many webcomics around, it's hard to get noticed.
Here's a list of various resources and tips that will help you to get more eyes on your story.

1. Webcomic lists and databases

The very first step on your way. Add your webcomic site to all webcomic lists you can find.
Here's the ones I know:

Randomwebcomic (a webcomic roulette)
TopWebComics (has a voting system, works great with VoteComics interface)
TheWebComicList (tracks updates)
Piperka (tracks updates)
Belfry Webcomic Index
Independent Comic Database

2. Webcomic readers

Sites that track your updates and allow readers to follow your comics and make bookmarks.

Archive Binge

3. Social networks

Post links to your newest comic pages there every time you update.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

- More about Reddit.

A list of webcomic subreddits where you can post links to your comics.
Just be reasonable and don't spam or you will get banned.


4. Mirrors

Mirroring your comic on different sites may help you gather a bigger audience.

The Duck Webcomics

5. Webcomic Collectives

Joining a community of webcomic artists is one of the best ways to get help, encouragement, and new readers!
Read the requirements carefully before submitting your comics.

Some collectives I know:

Spiderforest (the one I'm in)
Collective of Heroes (for superhero comics)

6. Wiki-type sites


7. Paid advertising

ComicAd (a banner network for webcomics. Advertise your comic there or use it to earn money) (from 0$/day)
TopWebComics (from 1$/day)
The Duck Webcomics (from 2$/day)
TheWebcomicList (from 15$/month)

8. Other stuff

- tell your friends and family about your comic. From what I know, they rarely get interested but when they do, it's amazing!
- add a link to your comic to your profile and signature on the forums you participate in
- search for the requests for comic recommendations (on Quora, for example), recommend yours
- join a webcomic forum (there's a good one on ComicFury, for example)
- make Youtube videos (tutorials, teasers, reviews, etc.) with a link to your comic in their description
- draw some fanart. Not only will you make some other webcomic artist happy but they will also display your fanart in their gallery, with a link to your comic.
- print some small cards with your comic's name, link, and a nice picture to give to people in the real world when they ask you about your comic. This way they will less likely forget to read it. --

Hope it helps!

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Random webcomic roulette - find something new to read or promote your own webcomic here