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About ComicAd - banner network for webcomics and other indie projects

Once upon a time, there lived Project Wonderful (RIP!), an ad network for webcomics and indie projects of all kinds. It was unique and super cool. You didn't pay for clicks there, only for the time your banners stayed on the site you chose. Sometimes, it was 0$ per day! Free advertising, yay! Placing PW banners on your own site was a great thing as well: you could earn much more than, say, with Google Ads and PW ads weren't annoying, they were ads of other webcomics, webnovels, games, etc., the stuff you and your readers were interested in. Withdrawing money form PW was super easy, you just needed a Paypal account.

But everything ends, so did Project Wonderful end one day :( For years, there was no replacement for it, nothing to fill the void. What used to be doors to other cool projects on various indie sites, became Google Ads (or Yandex ads in my case) that annoyed visitors and paid mere pennies to the artists.

Finally, the dark era is gone and we have ComicAd now, an ad network very similar to Project Wonderful we so liked and missed! I'll tell a bit about my experience with this ad network.

How it works:

First, you register, submit your website(s) for approval, and wait a little bit for the admins to respond. ComicAd is not picky about websites, you can use your ComicFury sites to place ads, no problem.

After your site is approved, you choose the size and number of banners you want to place there. After that, you are given a line of code you should copy and paste where you want your banners to be. Usually, people place them in the comment section or in the sidebar.

You can choose the minimum price for advertising on your site. Anything from 0$/day. The more people want to advertise there, the more the price will grow, it's an auction where the highest bidder wins.

Once you have earned some money, you can withdraw them or spend them (as much as you want) to advertise your own projects in ComicAd network.

About the traffic

The traffic from ComicAd is great! Most people who click on your banners will actually read your stuff! I found a lot of readers this way.

Some stats (relevant to September, 2020)

I have three websites in the network:

giftscomic.com (my main website) - 1-3k views a day - earns me from 30cents to 3 dollars a day (three banners)

icegifts.webcomic.ws (my ComicFury mirror) - 100-200 views a day - earns me from 5 to 15 cents a day (one banner)

randomwebcomic.com (my webcomic randomizer) - 50-300 views a day - earns me from 40 cents to 2 dollars a day (two banners)

As you can see, there is no way I would be able to earn that much with Google Ads or something similar.
To make a long story short, I highly recommend ComicAd. Join it if you have a webcomic, a webnovel, an indie game, or a geek-themed site. It?s worth it!

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Random webcomic roulette - find something new to read or promote your own webcomic here